Translation project management made easy!

Easily manage your translation projects, resources and clients

Easy to use

TranslationProjex is a translation management system designed for max.usability

Work from anywhere

Manage your translation projects and business from anywhere you have Internet access

Client/Resource Portals

Your clients and translators can see their projects and manage their paperwork in real time.

Powerful financial dashboards

Instant profit analysis shows you exactly how your business is doing

Fast and easy project management

TranslationProjex makes managing projects as easy and as quick as possible. Simple workflows based on comprehensive research on the fastest way to give project tasks completed mean that you don’t waste time on paperwork


A project manager can log in and set up projects, create client jobs, assign project tasks and send out purchase orders and invoices in a matter of minutes. The workflows are based on how you work rather than forcing you to fit the system

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Powerful Business Intelligence

TranslationProjex includes built-in project schedules to show you your deadlines and which resource is doing which project.


With powerful features you can see translation workflows and deadlines quickly

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Built-in CRM

TranslationProjex includes a built-in customer relationship manual that lets you add potential clients to the systems


This lets you keep track of all your leads and marketing activities, tasks and contacts to help you convert leads to clients.

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