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TranslationProjex updates 20130211

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Greetings from a cold and snowy London
A few more features added this week:
1. Added a new VAT field to the Create new resource form and this is now available as a variable in the resource template
2. Added a field on the Resource invoice generation page called “My invoice number” so resources can add their own invoice number
3. Resources can now combine multiple purchase orders onto one invoice!
4. Increased the size of the company logo field on all outgoing paperwork

New features this week

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Flurry of new features this week following some great feedback.

  • Added a Signature field to the back end…
  • Ability to deactive email notifications and…
  • a vertical option for project jobs…the developers are on fire!

Product roadmap for 2013

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Seasons greetings! We managed to get a break during xmas to plan our product roadmap for 2013 and we’re really excited about the initial plans for the 1st half of the year

Application enhancements

Over the next few product releases, we anticipate adding these features:

Expense management module

Currently most translation project management systems only cover project-related expenses i.e. POs, invoices etc. Our plan is to develop an expenses module within TranslationProjex which will allow you to add any kind of business expense – from salaries to stationary.

This will allow users to get a more accurate picture of how their businesses are doing. We plan to get this module developed and released by April 2013 and, once stable, add a mobile app so that users can take pictures of receipts and upload these to the system via  their mobile phone

Enhanced performance

Getting projects started and the paper work done as fast as possible is a key goal of translation project managers. We will be optimising the system in the 1st half of 2013 to make it even faster

Better templates

TranslationProjex has a built-in template editor. At the moment it helps to know a little about CSS and html to get the best out of the editor so we’re looking to build a more user-friendly system in Q2 of 2013.

New File Management features

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When we first created TP we wanted to keep it as simple as possible so we opted to build it with limited file management capabilities. Afterall in the era of Dropbox and the like we felt it better to let users use their own file storage capabilities. However….a lot of of clients had issues receiving large attachments and frankly using ftp and file sending sites like yousendit just didn’t cut it. So …we’ve added a whole new file management system to TranslationProjex.

It now means your resources, PMs and clients can now send and receive links to their files.