Get a quick overview of client and resource deadlines

TranslationProjex includes built-in project schedules to show you your deadlines and which resource is doing which project. With powerful features you can see translation workflows and deadlines quickly


Give clients and resources restricted access to their information

TranslationProjex allows your client and resources to login and view their invoices, purchase orders, tasks and to manage their contact data and payment details.


TranslationProjex is customisable via an easy to use admin panel.

All the “paperwork” within the system (purchase orders, invoices, quotes, email notifications) can be easily customised to include your logo and details. You can even change the colour scheme on the system!


TranslationProjex makes managing projects as easy and as quick as possible.

A project manager can log in and set up projects, create client jobs, assign project tasks and send out purchase orders and invoices in a matter of minutes. The workflows are based on how you work rather than forcing you to fit the system